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Christian Film Ministry is an outreach Ministry established to reach out locally, nationally and internationally through the making and showing of life changing evangelistic, Christian films that glorify God and convey the message of Jesus Christ.

The objective is to provide wholesome entertainment to the Christian community worldwide and cultures across the globe. To provide entertaining stories that highlight the values taught in the Bible and the application of God's Word in individual daily lives.

CFM aims to reach out beyond the walls of the Church and move into the theaters to touch the lives of the unchurched and reduce confusion among Christian youth. Proceeds will be used to train disadvantaged and underprivileged Youth in media. The Christian Film Ministry, a non-denominational Christian organization was founded and incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia as a non-profit, tax exempt organization.

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Making Films to the Glory of God
Providing an avenue to Christians of all denominations to utilize their God-given talents without compromising their faith.

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